Nooriwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

History of the School

It was in 1953 when Mr. J. J Sookias and his wife Mrs. M. Sookias Started this school in Dehradun and called it, 'The Doon Cultural Centre'.

With just a handful of students to start with, the school rapidly grew in strength and skills and came to be recognized among the best in the valley. A school where a multi facility education was being imparted to the young entrusted to its care.

An evening club was also started and the success of this enterprise lay in the large number of students who joined this club. There were many students from neighbouring schools who available of the facility of the school grounds to hone their skill in various sports and cultural activities.

The school, thus assumed significance as a full-day school. Many doonites, even today, nostalgically and proudly recall fond memories of their association with this great institution. This rich legacy of the past is made even richer today, when the campus resounds with the joy and the cheer of the young, learning to live life of different levels, be it the development of their skills, their sense or the enrichment of their soul.

The future holds exciting challenges for the students of Dehradun Schools. Our learning environment plays a vital role to ensure that our students are equipped with the right mix of personal values clubbed with effective learning skills.